Mini Me: Am I The A**hole?

Last call for Cycle 1! This mini is our ode to the much-referenced, much-beloved corner of Reddit that has provided precious fuel for many of our conversations both on and off the podcast - r/AITA. Whether it’s the man who won’t cut his postpartum wife any slack, the girl who stole her cousin’s wedding dress or the not pregnant woman who insists she’s a mama, a**sholes are all around us. And if you can’t figure out who the a**hole is, you can always ask strangers on the internet, but really, there’s a good chance it’s YOU.

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This is a podcast about me, my cousin and our conversations. Come on in! You may even recognize some of yourself in us.

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Chioma is your sometimes reluctant tech sis and your more than willing trip designer. Her love of theater and acting explain her flair for the extra in everyday life, while her love of reading explains her way with words both spoken and written. She's a part-time daydreamer, and a full-time inventor of the colour yellow. She also has enough degrees to keep us all warm.
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Mita is a talented singer-songwriter, and, by day, a communications expert. She is the original Minister of Enjoyment, who delights in rafting, biking, a good beer, pies, a great non-fiction book amongst many other things. Truly, she is the go-to person who is almost always down for any activity or experience.